Essar Aitch is run solely by myself, Sharon Ruth Harrison. I’ve grown up loving designing, at first it was through Textiles & Product Design at school, I then moved onto Graphics at College, where I completed the foundation Art & Design course. After college I landed a fantastic job at a sign company, learning the ins and outs of vinyl cutting, sign design, sticker manufacturing and getting to grips with the design program I use today which is Adobe Illustrator – I’d be lost without it! After 7 years of sign making and the welcome of my daughter, I took a big leap to start my own business. Essar Aitch was born in July 2014.

Now what on earth is my business name? It’s quite simply my initials – SRH spelt out. Say it over and over and you’ll get it. I work from my office in the beautiful surroundings of the Vale of Clwyd in North Wales. My office is my ‘design den’, equipped with my beloved Apple Mac, 5 printers, 2 foiling machines, lots of paper and 1000’s of sticker sheets! I really do love the freedom of being my own boss. I generally work between 9am and 3pm whilst Sophie and Jessica are at school.

Home life consists of myself, finance Mark, daughters Sophie & Jessica, cats – Daisy & Olly and countless fish! Mark is also a business owner and runs Dragon Auto Centre in Ruthin, it’s so nice us both being ’the boss’ we can up sticks and book at a holiday for when suits us! Which is quite often!!

Out of work Were sometimes at the park, out in the cinema, shopping or catching up with friends. I usually post a few shots of my life on my facebook / instagram pages – click the links below to ‘like / follow’ and be part of the Essar Aitch journey.

Cariad Mawr / Much Love Sharon x