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Weight Loss Posters with Foiled Stickers



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So a lot of you are aware how much I LOVE slimming world and the way it’s helped me lose weight – those stickers you get when you achieve an award! Well I wish I could have special shiny stickers every time I lose 1lb… here comes my new posters and stickers sets!

I will be adding more and more designs, but in the meantime, just tick the box for the design you would like. Please write in the description box how many pounds / stone you want to lose and I will adjust the poster design accordingly. The posters are printed on A3 Gloss Sheets and are supplied with enough foil stickers to cover the poster (you will get more than you need). The sticker sheets are made up of various designs, you decide how and where you want to stick them! Full of motivational quotes, icons and text. The foil colours are set, listed above to the poster title. But if you want a different colour just write it in the box.

Free postage on these at the moment!


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