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Good Evening all, its 9:14pm, im sat in bed shattered and well in need of our upcoming holiday.

April and the start of May has been manic, crazy busy. So chuffed that little old me in the back room of my house is making items for you lovely folk all over the UK. Remember my blog post launching the tags and stickers? Well they’ve literally taken over my life, in a good way, I bloody love making them. I was so  shocked at how many orders I got and how many i’d made that I ran a little giveaway. It was over 17,500!!! Now as much as I love being busy and get totally overwhelmed by everyone wanting me to create them, I learnt that I really need to sort out some kind of work rota.

My daughter goes to nursery for 2 full days, Monday and Friday. I can get so much done in those two days but orders were meaning I needed the odd Tuesday evening, Wednesday lunchtime and Thursday night as well! My fiancee went to bed alone most nights actually!!! Felt a bit mean. So after my holiday i’ll be trying to keep to a new schedule, I haven’t figured out what this schedule will be though yet. I already have 12 orders waiting for me for when I return so leadtime is already looking like 10-14 days.

The only other bad side to being so busy was the lack of time to network, which I actually missed. Seeing other crafters new makes and just the general day to day chit chat and fun posts by the htlmp crew. So new work rota and new networking rota will be my first job after holidays. Gives me goosebumps everytime I mention and think of holidays!!! The sun, good food, swimming and sunbathing, ahhhh! Sophie will love it! I’ll try not to post any photo’s of the gorgeous 5* hotel we’re off too 😉 although photo’s of my personal life get a much better reaction in my FB page than my own work! Ha ha….that’s facebook algorithm’s for you. FB shows more people a photo of my cup of tea than it does my latest artwork design. Lol!

Ooh I also have some new design ideas to do when I get back, i’d like to do an English and Welsh alphabet poster, with images that go with the letters…. A for Aeroplane….D for Dinosaur….. I’ll be scheduling a post for whilst im away for you to suggest what I use for each letter. So get your thinking caps on 🙂 and nothing boring like B for Ball!

Right, probs best I stop rambling and start working on my new work schedule. Essar Aitch really is “going places” and I couldn’t be happier. Thank You!

Nos da / Goodnight

Sharon x

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  1. Emma
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    That was fun to read Sharon! I am so delighted to read of and see your success and I am not at all surprised that your business is doing so well. You have all the necessary ingredients: a lovely, warm, engaging and approachable personality, great products and informative, fun posts on your Facebook page.
    Enjoy your well deserved holiday. I look forward to seeing your new designs.

    • Essar Aitch
      | Reply

      Thanks so much Emma, sorry for the stupidly long reply, I have always forget I have to approve comments before they appear.
      Your lovely words mean so much and you’ve just reminded me I still have to get on with doing those new designs!!!

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