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So i’ve been thinking about what makes a good design and to be honest for me, most of the time it comes down to the font i’ve used. I have thousands loaded onto my pc, too many probably. I’ll sit here flicking through them all just waiting to hit the right one for what ever piece of artwork i’m working on. I’ll go through phases on having a favourite too! So I thought this week i’d blog about fonts, the ones I love and the ones I hate, well, dislike.



These are currently my ‘Magnificent Seven’. You’ll see them on a lot of recent artwork created or even within my own promo artwork. I’ll start with ‘Lubalin Graph’. I’ll be sat here flicking through my fonts, I’ll get to the letter D having gone through hundreds of fonts already and then I have this little saying “if in doubt, Lubalin it”. I’ll highlight the text and change it to this font and voila! I’m instantly happy! I don’t know why, but regular or bold this fonts works for me. It’s ideal for headers that need to make an impact or for the copy text, so for me it’s a winner. Here’s a New Baby box frame that is done entirely in the Lubalin font, can’t get enough of it!



I won’t go through them all, or I’ll be here all day and it will probably be the most boring blog ever to someone that’s not font crazy like me…! Next a firm favourite is “Grilled Cheese”. I was using this in my previous job on all the artwork that was being designed and created for Chessington World of Adventures, so of course it landed itself on my PC. I think it’s fun, pleasing to look at and ideal for any frames I make for children. It’s heavily featured in New Baby artwork or my Christening Box Frames. It holds a shadow well, always love a good drop shadow I do!




“Franklin Gothic Demi” you might think ‘Oh boring compared to the rest’ but it’s just what I use for the strap line of my logo. I like it, rather than jumping on the Helvetica train I thought i’d go for this. Easy to read and a thousand times better than Times New Roman – enough said.


And finally “Traveling Typewriter”. This was installed specifically for a new logo I was designing. It has that contemporary (even though typewriters are ancient) clean feel to it. I mainly use it for sub headings, copy text or on my promo artwork. This will probably be a ‘phase font’… i’ll forget about it in a few weeks when something new has caught me eye! Here it is featured as the strap line for the Fabric Queen logo.






Now then, these fonts, pre-loaded on your computer in most cases I do not like, I do not use them and I will not use them on request, sorry! I’m sure we all went through that phase in school I.T lessons of using “Curlz MT” and “Comic Sans” on every project but those days are long gone. I can’t stand these fonts. To me, they are cheap looking and they just don’t fit within my style of designing basically. I hope this hasn’t offended any fans of these, but after 8 years of Graphic Designing, seriously there are better fonts out there, you just need to find them! IT DOES make a huge difference to your work if you use a good font, i’ve seen a car valeting company recently use something similar to the “Bickham Script” and I just don’t see the connection.

Right, well i’ll have to cut this shorter than expected, little Soph has woken from her nap and is demanding fishies (she means sweeties). I’ll try and fob her off with some frooties! Hope you had a good read and that it’s given you something to think about.

Hope you had a lovely Easter Weekend and enjoy getting back to routine this week!

Sharon x

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  1. Jayne
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    Ha ha! This reminds me of me so much! I have far too many fonts loaded onto my computer! I love typewriter fonts too. I have about ten different ones that, to a ‘normal’ person, all look the same but not to me. I spend hours on font sites searching for the right one for the job and have Post It notes everywhere full of favourite fonts to remember to use.

    I love this blog post!

    Jayne x

    • Essar Aitch
      | Reply

      Ahh thanks for your comment Jayne! Im glad im not the only font addict. Im hopeless at remembering the names, your post-it note idea sounds good.

      Thanks for reading my blog xxx

  2. Kirsty Dimond
    | Reply

    Ha! Fab post Sharon! Have to admit that I agree with you on the fonts.. I think it’s Grilled Cheese and Really Awesome that are standing out for me! And yes, I remember the Comic Sans phase in school! It was THE font to use at the time lol 🙂 x

    • Essar Aitch
      | Reply

      Ah thank you Kirsty, love a bit of Grilled Cheese in my artwork! lol x

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