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They start as a A4 sheet which I then chop and punch…!

Tags and Stickers are taking over the design den this week. I started doing these a couple of months ago when my friend Lucy from Fabric Queen asked me to design her some labels. I did the design and thought hang on, can’t I produce these for you too? I quoted and got the job (must have beat the other supplier’s cost!)

I posted them to my facebook page along with the stickers I had done and all of a sudden realised i’d created something quite popular. They’re really handy for holding all those details of how to contact you so basically act like a business card but then the hole allows you to attach to your products. They can be customised with any information you like. They’d be useful as price tags for craft fairs, simply thank you tags for gifts or even just have some photo’s printed so customers can see other ranges of your work.

They’re available in any size, these are 7cm x 2cm but please do ask if you’d like them bigger. I’m currently working on some that are 7cm x 3cm that will have rounded corners – a bit over excited about using my new gizmo!



Product tags for Fabric Queen, Chester
Contact details tags for The Pretty Vintage Craft Company













Stickers! Stickers, stickers, stickers…. I spent 7 years at a sign company – Humphreys Signs & Print Ltd where I designed, printed and cut stickers. There’s nothing I DON’T know about stickers! Must have made over 100,000 in my time spent there. I’ve now added this product to my collection too. They are 37mm in dia and are supplied on A4 sheets of 35 stickers. I stick them on everything. One goes on the back of every frame I produce, on the front of a package in the post, on envelopes, everywhere. They’re a great way to get your logo seen without people realising it, think how many people will see your parcels with your logo on? Do Amazon send their orders in plain cardboard boxes? No…so stick your brand all over your packaging!

Stickers to go on the boxes for all cupcakes produced by Tilly’s Cake Company, Ruthin
Pretty Things Keepsakes will be finished off with a pretty little sticker
All set up and ready for printing for The Palace Darling, Chester



These will be available as rectangles and squares as soon as stock arrives and free proofs are provided before any printing takes place. These are available to order through my facebook or twitter pages, I really need to learn how to add products to this fabulous website i’ve had designed!

Right so I actually best get this printer fired up and print the next orders!

Have a great Monday

Sharon x

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  1. Arlene
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    Really lovely stickers….putting you in my address book for when my logo is finished. Keep up the good work.

  2. Sharon
    | Reply

    Thank You Arlene x

  3. Debs Shipley
    | Reply

    My name is Debs and I am a stationery addict. Sorry LOVE these. Stickers are fab and your own wow and the labels are device. Know where I’m coming when I have the funds!

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